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3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy

3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy

2011 · 1h 45m

On Air
Rated 5.2 out of 10


Loosely based on a 17th century erotic Chinese story named The Carnal Prayer Mat, the story follows a young scholar named Yangsheng who gets married to the beautiful daughter of a local merchant. When their sex life proves unsatisfactory, Yangsheng leaves home and journeys to the Pavilion of Ultimate Bliss.


Christopher Sun

Cast of 3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy

  • Hiro Hayama
    Hiro HayamaWei Yangsheng
  • Leni Lan
    Leni LanTie Yuxiang
  • Saori Hara
    Saori HaraRuizhu
  • Vienna Lyn
    Vienna LynRuizhu (voice)
  • Yukiko Suo
    Yukiko SuoDongmei
  • Vonnie Lui
    Vonnie LuiThe Elder of Bliss
  • Tony Ho
    Tony HoPrince of Ning
  • Kirt Kishita
    Kirt KishitaQuan Laoshi
  • Jason Yiu
    Jason YiuScholar Shangguang Shun
  • Carina Chan
    Carina ChanMaid Xian Lan
  • Cliff Chan
    Cliff ChanValet of Wei Yangsheng
  • Justin Cheung
    Justin CheungMr. Lam
  • Tenky Tin Kai-Man
    Tenky Tin Kai-ManDique
  • Wong Shu-Tong
    Wong Shu-TongMonk Budai
  • Lawrence Lau Sek-Yin
    Lawrence Lau Sek-YinMayor