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El amor no tiene receta

El amor no tiene receta

2024 · 50m


Paz Roble, a kind, hard-working and honest woman from whom her husband, Fermín, takes her newborn daughter. Fermín has a large debt with some lenders and to pay it he decides to sell his daughter to Mauro Nicoliti. This plagiarism is orchestrated by Geneva, Mauro's adoptive sister. She lost her first-born daughter in childbirth and does everything to replace her dead daughter and keep her husband's fortune. On the other hand, Esteban Villa de Cortés loses his wife and becomes a widower with his three children. Elvira Moncada, Esteban's mother-in-law, holds him responsible for the death of her daughter. After a series of unexpected events, Esteban and Paz meet in the neighborhood where she lives with her family. The chemistry and great understanding that exists between them makes it inevitable that they will fall in love.


Eric Morales, Bonnie Cartas

Cast of El amor no tiene receta

  • Daniel Elbittar
    Daniel ElbittarEsteban Villa de Cortés
  • Claudia Martín
    Claudia MartínPaz Robles
  • Altaír Jarabo
    Altaír JaraboGinebra Nicoliti
  • Azela Robinson
    Azela RobinsonElvira Moncada
  • Hugo Catalán
    Hugo CatalánFermín
  • Nicola Porcella
    Nicola PorcellaKenzo Figueroa
  • Raúl Coronado
    Raúl CoronadoFobo Arredondo
  • Jesús More
    Jesús MoreHumberto
  • Coco Máxima
    Coco MáximaNandy Galdeano
  • Beatriz Moreno
    Beatriz MorenoGuadalupe Ruiz vda. de Roble
  • Isabella Tena
    Isabella TenaGala
  • Juan Carlos Barreto
    Juan Carlos BarretoPorfirio Villa de Cortés
  • Tiago Correa
    Tiago CorreaMauro Nicoliti
  • Sabrina Seara
    Sabrina SearaBerenice
  • Luz Ramos
    Luz Ramos
  • Liz Gallardo
    Liz GallardoFlipa Guerra Alvarado
  • Harry Geithner
    Harry GeithnerElías Barral
  • Ana Jimena Villanueva
    Ana Jimena VillanuevaNora
  • Santiago Emiliano
    Santiago Emiliano
  • Mauricio Pimentel
    Mauricio Pimentel
  • Jaime Maqueo
    Jaime Maqueo
  • Antonia Mayer
    Antonia Mayer
  • Sebastián Guevara
    Sebastián Guevara
  • Emilio Caballero
    Emilio Caballero
  • Marco Soriano
    Marco Soriano
  • Mía Fabri
    Mía Fabri
  • Regina Villaverde
    Regina Villaverde
  • Juan Carlos Barreto
    Juan Carlos Barreto
  • Guillermo García Cantú
    Guillermo García CantúRamsés Torrenegro
  • Sergio Lozano
    Sergio LozanoSavón
  • Andrés Vázquez
    Andrés Vázquez
  • Leonardo Herrera
    Leonardo Herrera
  • Ari Placera
    Ari Placera
  • Álvaro Sagone
    Álvaro Sagone
  • Richard Mendez
    Richard Mendez
  • Rous Esparza
    Rous Esparza
  • Alina Bermúdez Cásares
    Alina Bermúdez Cásares
  • Arturo Vázquez
    Arturo Vázquez
  • Eugenio Cobo
    Eugenio Cobo
  • Asbel Ramses
    Asbel Ramses